When you’ve realized you hired the wrong DJ (in GIFs!)



We all know what it’s like to be at an event with the WRONG DJ. Don’t be this couple on your wedding day, call DJ Vinny Vin. With his clients’ requests mixed with his professional judgment, he creates a night that’s unique and fun for all. You know he’s perfect for your big day—don’t realize it when it’s too late!

It’s your wedding day! You and your hubby just said “I Do.”

& now all you can think is the wedding reception!

You arrive at the reception all excited to dance…

And then the DJ begins to play the Chicken Dance. You think to yourself “I thought the Chicken Dance was on the ‘Do NOT Play’ List?”

The Chicken Dance ends and you say a quiet prayer that the next song is better.

Then, he plays the Electric Slide.

You look over at your BFF. Now she’s praying the next song is better too, for your sake.

The Electric Slide ends and the YMCA comes on…

You march on over to the DJ booth and give it to him!

Then, you think back to that time you met with DJ Vinny Vin and wonder why you never hired him…

You think back and remember DJ Vinny Vin saying “I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER play the Macarena, Chicken Dance, YMCA or Electric Slide at one of my weddings. It’s not my style.”

You begin to envision how your wedding reception would have been if you had hired DJ Vinny Vin

“Don’t stop the party” by Pitbull comes on.

Followed up by “We found Love” by Rihanna.

You remember DJ VInny Vin discussing how song selection is a HUGE portion of hiring the right DJ cause knowing when to play certain songs at the right time is EXTREMELY crucial for the success of your dance floor. DJ Vinny Vin wouldn’t follow up “Don’t Stop the Party” with Frank Sinatra. That transition between songs was seamless.

Then you come back to reality and hear the DJ you hired playing the YMCA. You look out on the dance floor and the only person dancing is your drunk cousin.

You begin to cry & wish you hired DJ Vinny Vin for your special day.

Don’t cry on your wedding day. Hire DJ Vinny Vin.