July weekend plans: Bridal Shower on the 3rd, Wedding on the 9th, Bachelor Party on the 15th, Engagement Party on the 21st. Is this what your calendar looks like? MINE TOO. (Yes – A DJ takes all of these events to another level.) How in the world are we going to keep all of these events straight on social media? With a #hashtag, of course.

Creating a wedding #hashtag may seem straight forward, but here are some tips so your special day isn’t a total #SocialDisaster.

Let’s start with the basics:


Now, let’s get creative:


Now that your wedding #hashtag is perfect, spread the word. Don’t limit your #hashtag to just one day. Let it be used throughout the entire wedding process. Picking out your wedding dress today? Post a teaser photo and #hashtag it. Meeting with your wedding DJ (Vinny Vin, of course) next week? Snap a selfie and use your #hashtag. Bachelor party weekend in Vegas? Well, maybe you shouldn’t #hashtag those photos…

See you at the wedding reception! #ByeFelicia