How To Plan A Big Wedding In Upstate New York


Sagamore Wedding Reception

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, which inevitably means that you will stress out at times trying to make sure it’s perfect and while every wedding has its stressors, planning a big wedding can create even more chaos. However, as long as you’ve been collecting your bridal magazines and invested in a wedding planner, you should be able to handle any curve balls thrown your way.

 When you’re planning a big wedding, there are a few things that you need to make sure of, the first being the number of people and the second to find a venue for both the wedding and the reception that will fit all your guests. Depending on the season, you may be able to find some beautiful outdoor locations, especially if you’re located in the Midwest or in upstate New York where fall weddings never fail to impress. Now, with those things in mind, here’s a continued list of tips to follow when planning your big wedding.

 5 Tips For Planning A Big Wedding

 1.) Sit down with your fiancé and put together a list of people you want to invite to the wedding, starting with the wedding party, then family, then friends, and coworkers etc. You’ll also want to ask both of your parents who they want to invite, because that’s inevitable and they might have remembered some family members you forgot. Once you’ve compiled your list, you’ll be able to better determine the size of the venue you’ll need.

 2.) If you’re getting married during a season where the weather permits an outdoor wedding, you need to decide whether that’s something you’ll be taking advantage of or if you’d prefer an indoor ceremony. In upstate New York, there are dozens of beautiful outdoor venues like The Sagamore, where they have beautiful grounds as well as an expert staff. Other possible stunning outdoor locations include, but are by no means limited to The Lake George Club on Lake George, and The Inn at Erlowest. Keep in mind that the venue is something you want to book at least twelve months in advance to ensure that you’ve secured the property, and you can determine seating style.

 3.) Get the invitations out sooner rather than later. Once you’ve booked the venue, you should send out the invitations therefore you can figure out how many chairs you’ll need to order, and also how many plates will need to be provided for the reception. Also, the earlier you send out the invitations, the easier it will be for your guests to book their trips and hotels if necessary.

 4.) Determine the theme you want to go with. Whether it’s a specific theme like old Hollywood glamour, or even just the color scheme, figuring this out sooner rather than later will really help with the planning. From choosing the bridesmaids dresses to the colors of the flowers in your bouquet, once you’ve determined your color pallet, you’ll have a more direct idea on what colors to look for.

 5.) Two weeks before the wedding, sit down with your wedding planner and make sure everything happening as it should be and when it should be. Once you determine that everything is going according to plan, book yourself a nice spa day before the official big day, this will help you relax and get any pre-wedding jitters out. Other than that, enjoy the big wedding you’ve planned so meticulously, because remember, it’s the biggest day of your life.