About Us

Wedding & Event DJs That Host Signature Events with Signature Talent.

Packed dance floors. That is how we roll here at NSM! Unlike any other DJ company you will find, we are constantly raising the bar. NSM was started to bring a modern, cutting edge, and fresh take on celebrations for our clients. Our DJ’s spin live set’s and play music that will have your family and friends on the dancefloor all night.

DJ Vinny Vin

Founder and Owner

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Why Choose Us

If you’re looking for the best wedding DJs in Albany NY, look no further. We host awesome wedding after awesome wedding! We’re comfortable claiming that we throw some of the absolute best weddings in Capital Region!



There’s no other DJ company like NSM. We make sure of it by tirelessly working to be the forefront of event entertainment.



NSM DJs don’t just show up, hit play, and kick back. We want you to have the best wedding, party, or corporate event possible!



Every NSM DJ is a full time entertainment professional. No hobbyists or first-timers here. You get a passionate, dedicated, full-time Event Host.

Your Wedding Investment

Pricing for wedding entertainment can vary wildly. We are a service business, and although many companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, if you do some homework, you soon will discover that there is a difference!

NSM offers different pricing options which are based on each host’s demand and booking availability.

Pricing for ‘In-Season’ weddings range from $2500-$5000

NSM extends winter incentives for “Off Season” dates to couples with receptions being held between January thru March. Off Season pricing is excluded from Holiday dates.

Meet Our Team

DJ Vinny Vin

Vinny values being on the cusp of the newest industry trends, working directly with his clients to make celebrations and memories that are personal and remembered by all, long after the last song ends. Vinny is the creator and pioneer of NonStop Music, the capital regions most sought after DJ. Vinny is an asset to any event because of his meticulous preparation and flawless execution, as well as his passion for amazing celebrations. Vinny embraces the most important principle in DJing, playing the right music at the right time.


Pricing Starts at $3000

DJ Anthony B

Anthony B has a pure, raw, and natural talent for keeping your family and friends on the dance floor. He brings a combination of professional-yet-relaxed-and-natural mic presence to every event where he prepares meticulously and executes flawlessly! Anthony B grew up surrounded by musicians and has a great ear for music, as well as being a certified audio engineer. He is an asset to every event by executing them with top notch passion for his clients/couples and their celebration.


                                             Pricing Starts at $2750

DJ Tyler Mac

If you want to keep the dance floor packed all night DJ Tyler Mac will deliver. With his unmatched energy, enthusiasm, and natural presence on the mic, Tyler keeps the night flowing smoothly with his professionalism while also making your friends and family feel comfortable enough to cut loose. Tyler selects and blends the right songs to create an atmosphere for dancing and memories, making your event the night people can’t stop talking about.


                                              Pricing Starts at $2500

Let's Pack your dance floor!