Up-lighting For Your Wedding

Canfield Casino is the perfect backdrop

Canfield Casino is the perfect backdrop

Uplighting gives you the opportunity to create an ambiance at your wedding venue that is much needed and deserved on your special day. At NonStop Music, I use high powered Wireless LED Up-Lights that can dramatically change the ambiance of any room. By having wireless lights, optimal placement and beautiful lighting design can be achieved quickly and easily, almost without limitation.

The colors you choose can really express your personality into your wedding:

Are you cool and trendy? Maybe a sky blue or purple will suite your needs.

Are you vibrant and bold?  A magenta or bright orange would be amazing.

Or, are you looking to create an Intimate & “Romantic” effect? A candle lit amber is going to be perfect for you!

Let me help you create a magical atmosphere with an array of color choices!

If any future Bride’s & Groom’s are interested in Up-lighting for your Wedding Reception, contact me here:

Check out this video from Nuvue Cinema for a live demonstration…. IT DEFINITELY MAKES A DIFFERENCE!