Everyone to the dance floor!!!


This was a FUN one!! Kerry and Matt were married back on March 9, 2013 and held their wedding reception at the Crooked Lake House, Operated by the Old Daley Catering & Events. This was a Vinny Vin kind of reception with tons of dancing and partying! When I met with the Bride & Groom, they expressed how they wanted to create a fun & memorable evening for all their guests…… you can see from the pics below…..I Killed it! The choice of music the Bride & Groom selected as well as using my professional judgement was the perfect combination that seriously electrified the dance floor!

Check out these images of Kerry & Matt’s family and friends getting down on the dance floor!!! ┬áThank you to the Bride and Groom for Choosing my DJ services and to Matt Ramos Photography for the pics!

My Bride getting down to Sugar Hill’s – Apache (JUMP ON IT)Crooked Lake wedding Jump on it

This is what ITS ALL ABOUT FOLKS….EVERYONE FROM KIDS TO GRANDMA DANCING!Crooked Lake Wedding DancingCrooked lake Wedding the WormCrooked Lake Wedding_DancingCrooked Lake wedding Throw your kid upuplighting Purple_Red