Bridget & Matt at The Gideon Putnam Resort


Hey Everyone! Wedding season is now in full swing and despite all the bad weather we have been having, Memorial Day weekend was absolutely beautiful with sunny skies and happy couples! Bridget and Matt were married back on May 26th 2012 and held their 6hr wedding reception for all 250 guests at the Historic Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, NY. Bridget and Matt assembled what I like to call the A Team of Wedding Vendors, alongside me were my favorite ladies of Casey Connell Photography, Cheryl and Amanda of CASL Productions, gorgeous Flowers by Pesha and of course the Famous and uber talented Flawless by Tina (P.S. Tina is my sister and A ridiculously good Make-up artist)

Reception Highlights:

Parent Intro’s: Tonights the night by Outasight (Great upbeat song for the parents to walk into!)

Bridal Party Intro’s: Forever by Chris Brown (This Bridal party brought it…..and I mean they lit up the dance floor and got everyone excited….Great job guys!)

Bride & Groom Intro’s: Back in Time by Pitbull (This is where the wedding went off the charts……the bride and groom entered the room, met by their bridal party and tore up the dance floor…then I invited all 250 guests to join in and it was dance floor insanity! Bridget & Matt’s Wedding Celebration had begun!)

First Dance: Don’t want to miss a thing by Aerosmith (Bridet & Matt were High School sweethearts & Prom King & Queen and that was their prom song…..very fitting)

This wedding had a great mix of young, energetic and fun souls, who loved to dance and have a good time! I played a great mix of music by including some of today’s TOP 40, a couple classic’s from early 2000’s like Usher, Britney Spears and Lil John’s get Low but I really think everyone had a blast dancing to these wedding staples: We are Family, Footloose, Like a Prayer, Love Shack and of Course SHOUT! But the Highlight of the night is when Matt’s navy buddies asked me to play “You’ve lost that loving feeling”…….if anyone has seen the movie Top Gun, you will understand why this was such a great moment in the night! Check out the video below from CASL Productions and see what I mean!

Bridget and Matt thank you for having me a part of your special day and thank you Matt for your service to this country!


Bridget & Matt ~ Wedding Highlights from Cheryl Lighthall on Vimeo.

Baby, Baby…..I get down on my knee’s for you…..



Do the Cupid Shuffle…..To the right, to the right….To the left, To the left…

I’ll end with this one because if your a CaseyConnell/NonStopMusic Bride……we always take this shot!